Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hard Boiled Egg Heads


God allows tests and trials to fall upon all of
us to see if we will do all that he has commanded
us to do. This life is full of examples and I will
try to find some GC talks that bring this out more
clearly. I call these tests that God sends the
"tests of Abraham". These greater tests come as
we draw closer to God. Because of unbelief and
lack of faith most never get to the trials that
God sends. So like many things in the church these
tests are seen as exceptions and not the rule. The
general priesthood don't want to talk about these
things because they have not experienced them.

While sharing a similar testimony in a priesthood
class in my ward a few weeks ago the teacher
quickly pushed passed my commends as irrelevant to
our trials. Those trials only happen to a few.

So good men with good intent dismiss the greater
truths and never experience the fulness (calling
& election) in this life. They either dismiss
such talk or keep totally silent on the subject
hiding behind the fact it is to sacred to talk
about. This all must change before the Saviour
comes again. This is all part of that unbelief
written about in the Book of Mormon and the curse
that is upon the whole church because they can't
see or believe what happened in "Jacob's time"
(Jacob4:6)can happen in our time. These
scriptures back up the fact that the Lord sends
us trials; D&C 98:12, 101:4, 105:19, 136:31 /
Ether 12:6 /
Mosiah 23:21

However, your trial maybe breaking the hard
shell of unbelief surrounding your priesthood
brethern so that they may be born again into
greater light and knowledge. They don't like
you hammering on the hard shell of their comfort
zone. Who are you to tell them what they don't
know or believe.

They like this saying, "Those who know don't tell
and those who don't do."

Statements like that are part of that hard shell
and you will have a hard sell to break it. Because
as you try to break it they are programed to dismiss
you. You and I know by personal experience the truth.
We must continue to seek to know the mysteries of

D&C 6:

9)Say nothing but repentance unto this generation;
keep my
commandments, and assist to bring forth my
work, according to my
commandments, and you shall be

10)Behold thou hast a gift, and blessed art thou
because of thy gift.
Remember it is sacred and cometh
from above—

11)And if thou wilt inquire, thou shalt know
mysteries which are
great and marvelous; therefore
thou shalt exercise thy gift, that thou
mayest find
out mysteries, that thou mayest bring many to the
of the truth, yea, convince them of the
error of their ways.

Hang in there Dirk our day will come.

Peace & Love,

PS We who came forth out of Stony Brook: Bobby,
Glenn, you & me are all hammering on that shell
with various degrees of success. Each of us has
at times been hurt by that hard boney shell of
unbelief. But we have not suffered as these:
3 Nephi 20-23


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