Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Father's Dilemma

Being a first generation Mormon and trying my best to honor my priesthood and wife I failed miserably in my first marriage. The results of which I still suffer in my children.

For me it was too much to change religions, culture and try to adapt to a changing Mormon culture by
following the examples of great priesthood holders of the past.

Like you I now look to the future for the answers we all long for. My present wife enjoys the benefit of my past failings and is sensitive to my own struggles to be a good husband, father and priesthood holder. We are both active in the church.

However, my former wife and many of my children(6) from both marriages are not. Recently at Zelophehad's Daughters I carried on a conversation with my only daughter Emily on "The Role of Women in Heaven" . Her feelings and insights on these issues between men and women reveal the wound that needs healing.

My cure was to look to the future by quoting my Patriarchal Blessing, "where it refers to a day in the future when I shall live with my wife in heaven as a priest and a priestess; a god and a goddess." Emily's wrote, "the ultimate destiny of mankind would be to recognize the greatness of women ... then the world will be a celestial place ... So I guess we can try to focus on this life and what women can do here so as to progress the world to a higher level."

This tells much about the differences between men and women, generations and a father and a daughter.


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