Monday, January 23, 2006

Listening to Historical Polygamy

I just finished listening to the whole series and I enjoyed hearing history as it was. I agree with TC on having authentic faith and growing in truth as one can bear it. Testimonies are as different as snowflakes and can come and go on different subjects depending on our own personal state of mind and heart on any given day with what facts or truths we have been given. However, a testimony gained by personal revelation can both trump and alienate others. My mission president once told me the following, "It is good to tell the truth, but sometimes it is better when all the truth is left unsaid."

Perhaps that is why milk is so often given to us by our leaders. I think God did the same with ancient Israel when they rejected the higher laws that Moses first gave them. We each have to learn line upon line until we can hear, bear and see all things like the Savior. Remember as teenagers most of us thought we knew more and better than our parents. Sometimes the greater light can blind instead of enlighten depending on the spiritual maturity of the person.

The other thought that comes to mind concerning some of the strange practices in early church history is the way God always seems to test his servants with things that seem to contradict the gospel standards of that day. You know the “Test of Abraham”. The big final God gives to test your ultimate faith. Giving your wife to the prophet would fall in that category.


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