Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Letter From Emily

To My Dad(Emma's Son)

Thanks for thinking of me and of thinking of me when it comes to your favorite subject.

I think you have a good theory at hand, yet the beehive has only one reproducing female queen, all other bees in the hive are workers, and then there's the drone(male) and his life is short and to the point, if you get what I mean.

I think if heaven is like a beehive I don't want any part of it, cause the odds are your not going to be the queen, and it's even worse off if you are a male.

Your concept of this being a mans world and heaven being a women's
world is not a new one. Yeah it's easy to say that if your a man because men in this world don't deal with heaven, that's a nice after thought, just like they'd like to think of women having any real power in this life, yeah
a nice after thought, now honey get back in the kitchen and clean up the dirty children would ya.

That's why men thought that women shouldn't have the right to vote, that there duties where of a higher and heavenly order.

Heres a quote you might get a kick out of written by a physician around the turn of the 20th century.

"Her mind could be employed, but in little and in trivial matters, and her proper place was as, the companion or ornamental appendage to man".

This was taken from an article called "We did not know whether women's health could stand the strain of college education"

Even if that may be the case that women rule in heaven, we still are
a big part of earth life and deserve equality in all things if we are to ever get to a point where earth and heaven are one under Christ. And if it's the case that women "rule" doesn't that mean both heaven and earth

So the ultimate destiny of mankind would be to recognize the greatness of women and to allow her to reign, then the world will be a celestial place once women rule, right dad, going by what you just said?

So I guess we can try to focus on this life and what women can do here so as to progress the world to a higher level. Any way thanks for the chat, talk to you soon.


Your only daughter(good thing for you),Emily


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