Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Women Place in Heaven

My only daughter Emily who is attending UVSC is a very independent thinker who has challenged me on this issue. I have therefore pondered the subject and written this:

First knowing God to be just, wise, merciful, kind, loving, all knowing and etc. I have concluded there most be a good reason for this mystery. My conclusion is women rule in heaven. Yes, it might be a man's world, but I think it is a women's heaven. Why? Think of the symbol of Deseret (a beehive). Who is at the head of the hive? Also it is a know fact women in numbers are more righteous than men. Therefore there are a greater number of women are deserving of exaltation. To be exalted and continue the growth of her household she needs a man. Since there are fewer men in heaven and the women being more righteous they are willing to share their husbands with others out of pure charity. Men may preside, but women rule. They rule over their own children in the pre-mortal life and their eternal seed in the eternal worlds to come. They send their husbands out to do the dirty work of dealing with mortal life and they raise their spirit children and glory with their resurrected children, but are always mindfully praying for their mortal children. In my PB it refers to a day in the future when I shall live with my wife in heaven as a priest and a priestess; a god and a goddess. I hope my daughter can get some hope from the things I've written. To know in the end God will make all things clear and fair. Just the thoughts of a father to his only daughter.



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