Monday, February 06, 2006

Warm Light on the Bloggernacle

I find comfort in this view as I am one who has been compelled to write my life in simple form.

“This writing genre is a form of discovery; by its very nature it is modest in simply being an attempt.” “One author noted that, “the personal essay requires blood on the page, whether it has death in it or not.”

The pain and honesty are real, but truth shared no matter what the price is worth it in the end.

In this what you wrote;

“In my reading, the Mormon personal essay is intertwined with yearning for and bearing testimony — a particular and peculiar lens for interpreting the world around us. It is a sublime travelogue — a raw and vulnerable exploration that defies other literary forms and disciplines. The blood on the page infuses life into my own testimony and gives me the courage to let my own crimson drops flow.”

Are great truths that will help others to pick up the pen (or hit the keys) to write the things of their hearts, experiences and dreams in a new more welcoming light.

Thank you for your kind words, understanding and wisdom in these matters which give new life and light to the Bloggernacle this day!


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