Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Forbidden Fruit

Some 20 years ago we were attending a private New Years Eve party at the house of a friend. The very strict bishop of our ward was also there. My wife being an old party girl felt to bring some sparkling nonalcoholic wine to celebrate the occasion. The bishop didn't like the gesture because of the appearance of evil. However, my wife persuaded him it was alright and that it was only grape juice. He drank and then read the bottle a little while later and nearly died. Like your beer it had some % of alcoholic in it. My poor wife is still embarrassed about this story and I can't tell it in her presence. To me it was funny to see the t__ a__ bishop part take of the forbidden fruit. I am sure the Lord got a good laugh over it as well seeing my wife in her sweet innocence helped make our bishop more human.


Blogger Struggle For Justice said...

Remind the bishop of what Jesus said,"It is not what enters a man which defiles him, but what he utters, for out of him comes profanities and all manner of impurities"

6:09 AM  

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