Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just Another Subway Ride

The other day I was riding the subway home from the Temple and a strange thing happened? I guess that is an oxymoron. Strange things always happen in the belly of the beast. This was astonishing to me because whenever I use the Priesthood and something happens beyond human understanding I still stand in wonder as a child. So what happen? A crazy guy got on the train and sat a few sits away from me on the opposite side of the car. He was all full of jerky motions and talking gibberish freighting everybody in the car. People were being stoic New Yorkers. Being silent, looking the other way or moving down the car. Meanwhile he was getting more wild and louder. I sat there reading a book when the spirit said,” Do something!”
I thought what can I do? “Use your Priesthood!” So I said a silent prayer stating the authority of my Priesthood and commended the evil spirit to leave the man in the name of Jesus Christ. He instantly got quiet and than fell asleep to my own amazement. No one knew what I did, but it worked and my little faith has grown again in the wonders of the Lord. This is just another man’s experience for whatever its worth.


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