Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Another Slice of Life

Yes I'm new here and different from most in my own way. My issues come from being in the Church for over 35 years and still being a convert and to many an outsider. Many of you would cause problems in your life (with family & friends) if you left the Church. I experienced that when I joined the Church and yet I have experienced many cliques within the Church that have turned their noses up at me and quickly moved away. If it wasn't for my own personal spiritual experiences with my God I would of dusted my feet on "this people" and left this Church a long time ago.

Within the first 6 months of being a member I had the senior member of the SHC get me alone at Church one night and grab my and tell me how he does it all the time with his HS students. I gently turned him down and asked him about his TM. He told me his marriage was just an act. What did I do ? Nothing! I was 21 and a reformed hippie. He was in his 40s a good friend of the SP and a HS teacher. I might of been new, but I wasn't dumb. I would wait my time. About 5 years later after having served an HM I heard a rumor concerning this HP. He was caught peeping into the windows of the YW at girls camp. I called the SP and requested a meeting. I spilled my guts. He looked at me in disbelief and only asked why I didn't tell him when it had happened. If I had I'm sure I would of never survived the "he said 'she' said thing" to serve a mission. Nothing ever happened to that HC other than he was called to be a Bishop in another ward 5 years later.

Another story that happened on my mission will help you see what a convert is up against. Late in my mission (last 6 months) I was finally called to leadership. Then when I had but 3 months left a stranger thing happened. The Mission President called a special mission conference (Mar.1974) for half the mission near Alburn, Ca for all the missionaries in Neveda and the Sacramento area. During this conference he announced his two mission assistances (APs) would be going home in a few days. Then to everybodies surprise he announced his two new APs and asked for a sustaining vote from the missionaries. I was one of the names he announced and had sustained without any foreknowledge save a few seconds before when the Holy Ghost spoke quietly in my ear saying you are one of them. It was an honor, but I was also humbled. I thanked the President and he told me to thank the Lord and get on my knees and pray for help. I shortly found his counsel very important. After being congratulated by many Elders, Sisters and former companions a Elder I didn't know came up to me and asked if he could talk to me privately. I agreed and we went a little ways off from the people. This Utah Elder said the following to me: "Elder Mystery we might of sustained you publicly here today, but we will never sustain you privately. That calling (AP) is reserved for those of us born in the church, who have come from good Mormon families and lived good Mormon lives. Not for some dirty, hippie, eastern, NY convert like yourself!" I never told anyone about this while I was on my mission.

So what is the moral of these stories: don't throw stones, turn the other cheek, go the extra mile or forgive others they know not what they do ? During 1970 both my brother and I got drafted he ran and I fought. What I mean is he became a DD and I stayed and fought the system as a CO. He won and under JC got forgiven. I lost and got drafted, but failed the physical and became 4F. I joined the Church and served a mission. Remember you can't win it if your not in it.

I read a story about President DOM and a Pioneer Day Parade. I guess it was the early 50s and the Prophet and his friends were watching the parade when a SR sister pointed out how shameful it was that the YW leading the parade was in a bathing suit. The President turned to this sister and said, I see nothing shameful. I see a beautiful YW with a beautiful God given body.

I thank you all for this forum and the hope you inspire and for the welcome I have received. Special thanks to GDTeacher, Nanna P & Mayan Elephant.


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