Sunday, January 01, 2006

Counsel to a Friend

When I joined the Church in 1970 at 20 I was already engaged to my soulmate. However, her mother thought differently and sent her away. It only took 6 months and our relationship ended in heartache and flames.
I had joined the Church hoping and trusting the Lord to bring my relationship to my Beloved Robin together forever. It didn’t happen and I wanted to die, but my mother (a non-member) sweetly counseled me to now live for my Church.
I followed her counsel and end up serving a mission which did me a world of good. It was a bitter cup to drink, but in what I lost in mortal life I now feel I gained in spiritual insight.
On another note I have 5 sons and none have served Church missions. One did a tour in the Marines in the mid 90s. One is in Iraq today in the Army (109th Trans.). One is going to Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain (Army) in two weeks. One is working and another is still in HS. I don’t always agree with my sons, but I always love them. I believe the heart of the war in heaven was over agency. I believe God will force no one into heaven. I also believe Joseph Smith said, ” I teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.” I say keep to your good principles and govern yourself well and God will bless you with the light you need.


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