Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Who am I?

Today I wrote this for an inquiring soul:

I'm constantly evolving into that which I yet know what I will be. To most I'm abnormal and fit into no camp. You could call me a feel spirit (in the 60s they called me a freak), but like light and knowledge I hope to be always expanding into greater truth. What I bring is who I am and what I write as I continue to explore the worlds around us. I hope to see as a child and walk as a man not limiting my choices by what others may think of me. In the church people and leaders are to often to quick to judged and defined you into a box. I hope to find those have who not set their thinking in concrete and can live and let live without drawing a line in the sand. Perhaps I desire to be like Paul to be all things to all people or more like the Lord and learn to love my enemies. However, I know the old saying "I have met the enemy and he is me." I come to learn and share as the words come to my mind and I hope I can learn to love others as I love myself. One of my favorite songs is "ALL You Need is Love". May we each find that everlasting Love as we journey together through out this life and all eternity. Yes, the great mystery will continue ...


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