Monday, January 02, 2006

Why I'm a Mormon Christian

Having been raised a Lutheran and always believing in Jesus Christ as a youth I began in my mid-teens to think and feel there had to be something greater to religion than just confessing faith in Jesus Christ. I turned from my church, but not from my Jesus in a quest to find the true meaning of life. However, in taking the risk of throwing off organized religion and seeking truth wherever I could find it I made a vow to my God. This vow was if I died before I found the greater answer I would call upon Jesus Christ to save me and put my simple faith to the ultimate test. This set the stage for my NDE at Woodstock in 1969 and my rebirth (born again) experience leading me into the greater light. This greater light led me to a testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church. I was led to WS following the teachings of Jimi Hendrix who sang “have you ever been experienced? Well I have.” My life experience started with faith in Jesus Christ and my search through life led me to greater knowledge in Christ and Christ led me to Joseph Smith.


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