Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Children Teaching Children

Emotions rule the heart, but visions can open the mind. King David was a noble bloody man who allowed his emotions to rule his heart. Though his warring did great good to secure the peace of Israel his own soul was lost to a great degree because of his heart. At one point in his life he cried more over the death of his treasonous son than the lives of the men who gave their lives for him and his kingdom. Emotions can blind the mind.

With that said, my heart goes out to all those who have lost children in this war. I have two sons serving in the Army now. David is a gunner on a HV in the 109th Trans. and has survived a IED up close without a scratch in Iraq. Guy is in the 10th Mountain and headed to Afghanistan next week. Either of my sons could come home in a body bag, but they are doing what they want and I know now that God will accept of their noble offering whether this war is right or wrong.

The life of a true warrior is never wasted. Their spirits go on into glory for they have given their lives for something lesser or greater than self. It is said, in the good book "the people perish where there is no vision." Even the Native American Indians ran off into war against impossible odds crying, "Today is a good day to die." Why? Because they were a visionary people and knew the other side of life.

No cause is worthy if the people aren't willing to die for it. Our enemies know this all to well and terrorize us with death. I think our children are teaching us a lesson we are to weak to learn.

I ran from war in the sixties hiding behind my beliefs as a CO and later 4F. However, at Woodstock God opened my mind to a great vision which has forever changed my heart, mind and spirit. May we all find the peace to face death for what it is and not play the blame game as children.


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