Monday, March 12, 2007

The Hardship of Life Today, Yesterday & Forever!

Emily Dow Partridge's words:

"and hope is dead for this life but bright for the next."

Jesus’s words:

"These things I command you, that ye love one another. If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you."

Vilate Kimball’s words:

first wife of Heber C. Kimball, also recognized the value of romantic distance in a plural marriage. Counseling an unhappy plural wife, she advised the woman that

“her comfort must be wholly in her children; that she must lay aside wholly all interest or thought in what her husband was doing while he was away from her” and be as “pleased to see him when he came in as she was pleased to see any friend.”

More wisdom from Christ:

"A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world. And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you."

The real question is what are we living for? And what do you want from this life? Do you feel like a cavewomen? Welcome to the Club!

A Caveman

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Into the Greater Light

Rebel enough and you'll go to hell, but for some hell is the path way to heaven. Perhaps Alma and the sons of Mosiah were foreordained to break the mold of just following the leader. Think of the fruit that came forth after they encounter the horrors of hell and the voice of an angel. Can you drink of that cup? The truth is few can survive those types of encounters and live to tell the tale. The safe way for the majority is to follow a trusted leader and avoid the endless pit falls of out right rebellion of the truth which others have paid the price for you to see. Follow the threads down the path into the greater light and maybe than you will know what I mean.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gratitude in Zion

President Olson,

I just want to take a moment to thank you for
all the help and blessings you have given me
and my family over the last many years you have
been serving in NY. You have been a spiritual
father to me.

I have felt your inspiration and vision for LI
in the depths of my soul and the marrow of my
bones. You awoke things in me that I had kept
secret for years, but the Lord wanted written
down. During your term as Stake President I
wrote those things which have turned into my
book "Into the Greater Light". It is a history
of my strange and wonderful conversion and some
of my dealings with the Lord. It is not so much
written to be published for the people of here
and now, but it is written for the Lord's own
purpose to be used in the future. So I let it
sit on the shelve or the web for only those whom
the Spirit directs to read. Thanks for preaching
Zion on LI for what you have seen can happen for
all has happened for one.

I'm grateful for your faith and trust in me when
many others had great doubts. You looked beyond
my shabby image and listened to the Lord. I'm
more like a Jonah than a Moses and as you know
I tried to run away to Florida to live out my
days in obscurity, but the Lord inspired you to
stop me in my tracts. I'm grateful for your
courage to listen to the Lord and act on his
wishes. Like you I only want to do his will and
finish my earthly mission with honor.

I know he wants me in Salt Lake City at this
time for his own purposes. You were at our branch
when I gave one of my last testimonies on the
signs the Lord used concerning the weather in my
life. Attached is a copy of those hurricanes that
hit Florida that summer of 2004.

The names, places and paths of those storms sent
a message directly to me. It was a clear warning
to me that Florida was not to be my home in the
future. The names: mine, my uncle's and my cousin's.
The places: Stuart where two storms made land fall
is the place my former fiancée of the 60s lives today.
The path: Marks an X across Florida with the center
near Orlando the very place I told the Lord I would
live if he didn't stop me. The Lord has made you a
quiet witness of these things for his own purpose.

I spoke about my concerns of hurricanes hitting LI
the summer of 2006 before I could sell my house and
move. The media was promoting a year with lots of
hurricanes with many coming up the coast hitting NY.
I must admit I had great concerns in June when I
realized my house might not sell until Oct. I went
to the Lord in mighty prayer and heard the still
small voice of the Spirit say as clear as day:
"Peace be still there will be no hurricanes this year."
How true those words were and how wrong the words
of the media turned out to be. But the rest of the
story happened when we got to our Condo in Salt Lake
City. As we entered our new bedroom there upon the
wall was a large painting of the Savior standing on
the bow of a fishing boat with his fearful disciples.
His hand was stretch out toward the stormy sea as
he said "Peace be still". I know this is the place
he would have me be for out our bedroom window we
are blest to view the glorious Salt Lake Temple.

I write to thank you for my call and my release and
to share the joy the Lord has given us in coming west.
Below is a copy of a letter I wrote to Reed Johnson
a nephew of President Thomas S. Monson who I knew
when I first joined the church in 1970.


Thanks for your kind words and those good memories.
I enjoyed your priesthood lessons which would challenge
and make one think. You showed more than blind faith
when you taught. I remember you showing me how to
teach the gospel when we home taught the Ziggy Pastz
family. I'm glad you’re still out in the mission field
doing good for those who know less.

Living in SLC is a new and wonderful experience for
me. Though my ward is very large the people are very
loving and have come here from all over the world.
I feel the Spirit of the Lord here and know for me
that the Lord has work for me to do here. The ratio
of NM to M in this area is 60/40. As we settle in I
feel there will be many missionary opportunities.

As you might know Bobby Worthington and his family
moved way up into Vermont over 20 years ago and have
done very well. He served as a branch president for
many years and is now a Temple worker. However, he
told me he would never move to SLC as one of his sons
served a mission in Utah in the SLC area and had
nothing but trouble trying to awaken the saints to
their missionary duties.

I come here with a different attitude without an
ax to grind, but with love in my heart and a
willingness to learn from those saints who have
been seasoned in the church and gospel over many
generations. If any of them are like you I shall
be blest and learn much.

Thanks again for your help and good memories and
someday I'm sure we will meet again.



Jeff you and Reed are much alike and what I wrote
to him applies to you as well. You have taught me
much and helped to prepare me for the future the
Lord will have me live. Thanks again and may the Lord
bless you and your family with his richest blessing.

Love your friend,